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the process

My aim is to make the experience of designing your home an effortless and enjoyable one.  My focus is to make the interior design experience collaborative and engaging, ensuring you feel involved at every step of the project.

Each project is typically based around 6 key stages as outlined below:

Color Swatches


Contact dbid and arrange an appointment for a home visit.

Interior Designer

Home Visit

I will visit your home & take measurements and discuss your requirements and scope of work.



A quote will then be presented for the scope of design required.

Sample Board


I will present the design including furniture, lighting, fabrics & finishes.

Drawings & 3D computer visuals.

formal lounge 4.jpg

Client Approval

The design is approved & signed off. Detailed invoices, specification documents and lead times submitted.

Design Works

Contractors carry out works. Orders progressed and deliveries arranged.

Completion & Sign off

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