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derrick barendse interior design

Derrick Barendse Interior Design is a Horsham based Interior Designer specialising in residential interiors.


I offer a fresh approach to interior design using the latest fabrics and finishes.

Access to trade accounts for furniture, lighting and accessories.

Bespoke furniture and joinery designed to your specifics and manufactured and installed by trusted suppliers.

I will help you visualise your design with plans & elevations using CAD, mood boards, sample boards and computer generated visuals.


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Working closely with you to create a home that reflects who you are and how you live

Living Room Interior Design

A Bold Statement

A good concept will tell a story about how the interior design is going to come together with all the different elements and pieces. A good concept will bring together  design elements to create a visual theme that evokes a specific mood or feeling using colour, space and style. The most successful projects always have a good concept. Concept design outlines the function and form and includes design of interactions, experiences, processes and strategies.


We always start with a concept

Beautiful Mood Boards
& Sample Boards

Pleasing the senses & mind

Paint colour consultation service.
dbid offers an affordable colour consultation to anyone who needs help with colour.

Beautiful Interior Design

This is a very collaborative stage and I invite my clients to give as much feedback as possible to ensure we are on track to present the best design for your project.

Mood boards show imagery of suggested furniture and joinery concepts.

Sample boards show samples of all proposed fabrics and finishes.

Mood boards & Sample boards start bringing your ideas to life. This is where we see what goes together and what does not. This is where you and your family discover your mutual likes and dislikes.

This is the phase where you make your mistakes and not in the end result.

This is the phase where we select paint colours which can often set your project apart.

Visualise your home

dbid create 3D visuals so you can see our design solution come to life and get a sense of how your home will look and feel.

Childrens bedroom design
Home Office Interior Design
girls bedroom interior design
Classic contemporary interior design
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